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Benefits of a Local Business Directory

Benefits of a local business directory

I don’t know about you but I like to buy local for about everything I need.
The reason I buy local is pretty simple.
I live here and would like to keep a local economy that keeps the area I live in alive.
To many times I have read stories about small communities that lost their local stores to the large nationwide brand chains that just simply take them out of business with their lower prices at first and them later raise the prices.

A listing on a local business directory like the Clarksville Business Directory can be a great asset for a small business.
The reason is that more and more people use their phone, laptop, tablet or home computer to look up information.

When looking for a certain product people most or the time type in the product name and the town they live in in a search engine like Google.

Google provides them with a number of stores they think give them the information that they are looking for.
If there is not enough information available they will show websites of nationwide stores although that is not what they looked for.

Here comes the importance of a local business directory in play

Local business directories contain a lot of information about local stores and they are all listed in categories.

Google or any other search engines keeps all the information in their database and can figure out what the consumer is looking for and provide them with the listing in the local business directory for the product they are looking for.

Most of the time they show a listing category that contains multiple stores so the consumer can find the one close to them.

Listings on these local business directories are most of the time very affordable

The value compared to a listing in the yellow pages or even an advertisement in a local newspaper is enormous.
An advertisement in the yellow paper cost a small fortune and is, in my opinion, not very effective and gets even less effective by the day. Like I mentioned more and more people use the internet for searches.

Many local directories are very liked by Google

Because they have a lot of content on them about local stores and where they can be found, google and other search engines uses these results a lot.
That is why sometimes they show up even before the website of the actual store in the results.

How to get your business on the Clarksville Business Directory

If you are a business owner in Clarksville or surrounding area and your business is not listed yet in the Clarksville Business Directory just jump to the submit button and add all the information you need.
We will contact you later to see if you need to change or add something.
Pictures are always a great way to get your customers attention, so do not forget to add them.

Many people like to connect with their local business through social media like Facebook and this is a perfect way to keep them informed about your special and sales.
That is why in the listings we offer a link to your Facebook page.

If you need more information feel free to contact us or read our about us page on the Clarksville Business directory.
Or just send us an email here.

Eddie van Aken

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