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C and E Security

C and E Security
216 Main Street, Cerulean, Ky
C and E Security

C&E Security is a store filled with self defense products that are all legal to carry on you in the state of Tennessee.
We so not sell in a brick and mortar store but only online to safe you on paying sales tax.

We have a large inventory of self defense products available for every situation.

Stun gun flashlight for in your car that are real LED flashlights and high powered stun guns hidden inside.
Small but high voltage stun guns that are easy to hide and will surprise your attacker.
A nice lady like pepper spray disguised as a lipstick and will make you take care of anyone that got some bad intentions.

Pepper sprays in all kind of variations for you to use anywhere.
Keep a sun-visor pepper spray in your car or use one of our key ring pepper sprays that will take down any attacker in no time.

C&E Secrity
C and E Security
C&E Security
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