About the Clarksville Business Directory

We will help your customers find your business in Clarksville Tennessee.

Our goal is to give every business in Clarksville and surrounding area the opportunity to be found online by their old and new customers from all over the world.

Edward van Aken
Who are we:
The Clarksville business directory is built by LbL Internet Marketing.
We are a business from Elkton, Kentucky.
Edward van Aken is the owner and CEO.
Carolyn Walker is the Marketing Contact.

With our experience in internet marketing, we will have every listing found and indexed by the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

How can you list your business?

Submit your business by going to the Clarksville Business Directory page and click on the Submit A Listing button.

Follow all the easy steps and submit your business information, including at least one picture.
We recommend it to be your business logo for branding purposes.
After we have received your listing we will review it and publish your business information.

We will send you an email that your listing is active and you can have a look at it and contact us with any changes.

We can still add, change, or replace any content you would like.
Links to Websites, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter can be added.

All our listings will also be added to our facebook page, Twitter page, and Google+ page to get more customers to find your listing.
Visitors to our directory also have the option to translate the listings in their own language for their convenience and your chance of being found.

Our goal:

Give every business in Clarksville the change to be found by new and returning customers from all over the world.

Your listing will stay active for a full month.
After that first month, you can decide to keep your listing in one of the affordable packages, or in the event that you are not happy with it we downgrade it to our free listing with just your name, address, and phone number.

With soldiers coming into Fort Campbell all the time, they need one easy place to find everything they need to get started in Clarksville TN.
Our objective is to give them an easy to navigate and fast loading website for all their needs.

This Business Directory is more than just a listing of the name and address of your business.
We offer a full page of advertising your business.
Links to your website, opening hours, pictures, and anything you think might benefit your business listing here.
Feel free to look around and have a look at the listings we already have.

This directory is fully optimized for all search engines and translated in many (18 up to now) languages to make it easy for people from all over the world to search these listings in their own language.
We offer affordable and in some situations even free listings on our website.

In the meantime enjoy the videos and pictures of Clarksville Tennessee.

Carksville skyline

Clarksville Center

Clarksville map

Clarksville riverfront (2)

Clarksville riverfront

Edward van Aken

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